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George was out for a cycle ride in July last year. He was travelling on the Kilmacolm Road, Port Glasgow, which is a single carriageway, rural road. He was on approach to a cattle grid when his bicycle went from underneath him and he landed heavily. As he lay on the road, he became aware that there had been some form of diesel spill on the road, which had caused him to come off his bike.Accident Locus (not at the time of diesel spill)

The Police were called to the scene and, due to the road condition, closed the road so it could be cleared. While George was taken off to hospital, the Police carried out full investigations to determine how the diesel had come to be on the road. They were able to trace an agricultural vehicle that had used the road earlier in the day and had broken down causing the spill.

George sustained a significant fracture to his hip, which required surgical intervention. He was absent from work for three months and his bicycle and cycling gear had all been damaged.

George approached Cycle Law Scotland within two days of his accident to see if it would be possible to make a claim for his injury and losses.

Cycle Law Scotland contacted Police Scotland to determine the identity of the vehicle involved and we proceeded with a claim against the insurers of vehicle at the time.

We arranged private physiotherapy to assist George’s recovery and within 10 months of George’s s accident, we were in a position to secure a significant settlement. George wrote to us soon afterwards saying,

“Thanks very much Jodi. It has turned out a lot more straightforward than I expected. I didn't think I would receive anything like the sum of money and only initially hoped to get enough to cover my damaged equipment! I will be recommending your company to my cycling friends.”

This case highlights just how helpful the Police can be. If it were not for them carrying out their in-depth investigations, George would have been left to make a claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau under the Untraced Driver’s Agreement. Under that agreement, he would not have been able to claim for any property damage and it’s unlikely he would have received the level of compensation that he did.


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