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Hussein Mohammed Collision LocusHussein was cycling to work on the 18th of April 2018. His normal route takes him along Cultins Road, Edinburgh. This is a two lane, one-way road, and he was travelling in the right-hand lane as he was intending to turn right at the end of the road. Suddenly, a car which had been travelling to his left, turned across his path and he was unable to avoid a collision. Hussein suffered serious injuries, including a laceration to his face and significant dental injuries which required expensive treatment.

Although at the scene of the incident the driver was friendly to Hussein and even gave him a lift to work, the driver’s story changed significantly after Hussein contacted Cycle Law Scotland in order to proceed with a claim for his injuries and losses.

Initially the insurers for the driver denied responsibility for the incident saying that Hussein had simply collided with the rear of their policyholder’s vehicle. They said that this had happened because his bicycle chain had come off.

As cyclists ourselves, we know that this is not how a bicycle works. If a cycling chain were to come off, this would not stop or interfere with the bicycle’s brakes or Hussain’s ability to brake. We threatened Court action which resulted in the insurers admitting liability for the incident and making full settlement to Hussein for his injuries, losses, and dental treatment.

Hussein had this to say about his experience with Cycle Law Scotland,

"I was involved in an accident caused by a driver who didn't care to check their blind spot when changing lanes and immediately turned into me. Cycle Law Scotland took on my case, and despite some delays caused by Police Scotland taking its time to provide a report, they did an absolutely wonderful job in bringing this case to a satisfactory conclusion.I have nothing but praise for the professionalism of Roz (my Solicitor) and the lengths she went to in order to get a settlement that probably others wouldn't even think of.The best aspect of working with Cycle Law Scotland was how quick Roz would answer any queries and how straight she was in dealing with the case.There were no hidden fees and no extra charges and nothing that would make you worry. I think that is quite hard to find nowadays. If you ever need legal representation, I don't think you’ll find a better place."


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