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Dougie Hay - Mountain biker

(Photo Courtesy of Evka Kupska)

While commuting home from work in Edinburgh late summer 2017, I was riding up Leith St when a car in the OUTSIDE lane stopped in traffic and its front passenger opened the door into oncoming traffic. 

I was just approaching the door when it opened so had zero time to stop. I smashed into the door breaking my right index finger. The corner of the door went right into my shoulder joint, causing major soft tissue damage. It affected my work, home life (couldn't pick up the kids), my cycling and my racing programme. I was out for the rest of the season, lost entry fees and couldn't ride. To this day, I am still getting physio for it. My bike was also a right off!. 

The driver, whose first language was not English, allowed me to take pictures of his ID, his car Reg and their faces before leaving the scene, despite my trying to get his Insurance details and get him to wait for the Police. He did offer some cash but I refused as my bike was now a pile of bent scrap and was worth a four-figure sum. 

The Police arrived, were really helpful and suggested I go straight to A & E. 

I was left to deal with the aftermath myself, so I contacted Cycle law Scotland. 

I had seen their cards and leaflets at events and in bike shops and had talked to one of their trainee Lawyers at many Enduro mountain bike races as he too races (and is far faster than me!) So I know they are real cyclists and would fully understand how this would affect me.

It seemed so scary having to deal with fighting an insurance company on my own! I was so glad that I had Cycle Law Scotland to do this for me! 

My Lawyer was Jodi Gordon. From this point on, she took care of EVERYTHING for me. 

I got an insurance quote for my damaged bike from a bike shop and sent it off to Jodi. From there she took on the insurance company and fought the good fight getting me an offer equivalent to what my bike was worth, not a few hundred pounds!. 

She then set about sorting out my care and rehabilitation. She was amazing! She set up private physio and an assessment from a GP.  

She then commenced the long journey of fighting to get me the payment for my injury and inconvenience that had suffered. This did take a while but it's the insurance companies who drag this out, not your Lawyer. Lawyers are the good guys in this!

During this process, I had MANY questions but Jodi always explained everything so I could understand and kept me in the loop. I have now accepted an offer that was far more like I deserved. 

As a driver and a cyclist, it still baffles me as to how some people drive. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a road traffic collision and need someone to fight your corner, you should definitely give these guys a call!. Professional and caring to the end! A huge thank you to Jodi Gordon and the whole team at Cycle Law Scotland. Thanks.


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